My travel beauty essentials.

Happy Friday! Almost a full week of Blogtober has passed, woo! Still going strong too, feeling quite proud. I’m going away later today for my big brothers wedding. We’ll be gone for most of the weekend, so I need to make sure that I’ve packed everything I need, without weighing the car down too much! I thought I’d share with you the products that I just can’t go anywhere without.


First is my makeup eraser, making sure it’s been freshly washed of course. This will last a good 3 or 4 uses until it needs washing again, so it’s perfect for weekends away. It’ll quickly remove all (yes, all) of your makeup, so it’s great if you don’t want to take countless bottles of micellar water or makeup remover with you.

Next is my twinkle razor. If you’re in a hurry and realise your brows could do with a quick re shape, this thing is perfect. It doesn’t take ages like plucking can do, and thanks to the safety cap it means you can pop this in your makeup bag and you’re good to go.

Dry shampoo. Need I say more? This stuff as you know, is great for bringing a bit of life back to your hair. You may not necessarily get chance to wash it daily whilst you’re away so it’s ideal to pop in your luggage bag. You can also get these in minis which are even better for on the go, but mine is bloody huge because I use it like I’m getting paid for it.

Slightly less exciting, but I like to have a lip balm in my handbag wherever I go, not just for trips away. It’s great for popping on while you’re out and about, makes your lips look nice and hydrated and just feels lush.


For hair, I’m really quite low maintenance with mine. I’ll have a hair dryer (in case the room doesn’t have one for some reason!) my GHD’s and a hair tie. I usually straighten my hair and wear it up in a high ponytail just because I’m a mum and it’s easier to have it out of my face, but for the wedding I’ll be doing loose curls in it, which I’ll do with my straighteners.

And last but not least, I cannot forget my trusty mini mirror. I like to have this in my bag because it’s inevitable that my lipstick will fade somewhat, and that my eyeliner/mascara will go for it’s own little holiday down my face or across my eyelids!

Apart from all of these, I obviously will be taking an obscene amount of makeup! But these are my beauty must haves for going away. What do you never forget to take with you on trips?




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