Makeup Haul

I seem to go through phases with buying makeup, I’ll buy nothing for a while and then I’ll buy a shed load over the space of about a month. November was definitely one of those months! It’s mostly lipstick (are you surprised?) but I got a couple of new base products that I’ve been really excited to try. I’ve also used all of these products most days over the last few weeks so I’m going to give you my (brief) thoughts on them too. (I’m going to do a more in depth review on a couple of these at a later date)


I’m going to start with the lipsticks because I’ve bought five this month, I really didn’t need to but there were a couple of brands I wanted to try out and then I saw some offers in Boots too, I’m just weak when it comes to lipstick!
So the first lipsticks I got were the famous Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I’ve heard so many amazing reviews of these so I really wanted to try them. I was a little worried as I’ve been finding matte lipsticks really uncomfortable lately but I needn’t have worried at all, I’m absolutely blown away by the quality of these. Not only are they incredibly pigmented, they’re the most comfortable matte lipstick I’ve tried. I’m going to do a full review of these later this week as these are simply amazing.  I got the shades Celebrity Skin and Androgyny, I feel like everyone has these shades but there’s definitely a good reason for that! Just look at how beautiful they are…

(Top – Androgyny, Bottom – Celebrity Skin)

The next lipstick I got was from Gerard Cosmetics, this is just a classic bullet style lipstick with a creamy finish. I got the shade Kimchi Doll which was designed by Sophia Chang. It’s a really pretty peachy pink which I love for every day use. The only downside for me is that during the cold weather when my lips are a little more dry than usual, this shade picks up every single dry patch. I’m a bit gutted as I was really looking forward to using this most days but I’m going to have to wait until my lips are a little softer.


I’ve bought a lot of nudes lately and I wanted to get some more deep shades. I was having a look around Boots the other week when I spotted this intense deep burgundy shade in the Maybelline Color Senstational range. I bought the shade Midnight Merlot, can we just take a minute to appreciate that name?! It describes the colour perfectly too. This lipstick has a matte finish but again due to being a bullet style lipstick I find it’s really quite comfortable.


The last lipstick I got was the L’Oreal Color Riche Gold Obsession in Pink Gold which I’ve written about in more detail here.

Onto base products, I picked up some old favourites – the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer which is a re purchase as I just bloody love it. Nothing covers up my dark eye circles quite like it! I also picked up the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid foundation in the shade Natural Ivory, I really like this foundation. It’s perfect for day to day wear, offers great coverage and doesn’t cling to my dry skin.

I also picked up another brow pencil as mine has seen better days, I just grabbed the Maybelline Master Shape in Deep Brown. This is a brilliant drugstore brow pencil, I think it costs around £3 and even comes with a handy spoolie on the end!

So the product I’m probably the most excited about in all of this is my RCMA No Color Powder. I’ve seen people use it quite a lot lately and I wanted to try it out myself. I heard that it was great for dry skin, looked beautiful and performed really well. I picked this up from BeautyBay for around £10 although I can’t remember exactly and I think it’s currently out of stock on their website. You can get it elsewhere though, and I’ve included a link above. Again I’m going to do a more in depth review of this soon as I’m really impressed with it.


Last but not least (and well done if you’ve made it this far) is the Milani Baked Bronzer in Soleil. I’ve heard a lot about Milani over the last couple of years but I’ve never got round to trying any of their products, I noticed this on BeautyBay (again) and thought I’d try it out. I will say this is a very shimmery bronzer so not ideal for contouring but I find it gives a beautiful healthy glow to my skin, although I have to use a really small amount and blend it well as it is really warm. I love this product though and I definitely want to try out their baked blushes next.


What exciting products have you picked up lately? Or have you tried any of these? Let me know what you think!



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