Silisponge Review.

Towards the end of last year, YouTube seemed to be flooded with videos all about a new makeup tool called the ‘Silisponge’ which is basically a makeup applicator made of silicone. I must have watched a dozen of these videos before deciding to order one for myself to see what all the fuss was about. I purchased mine from MollyCosmetics as this is where everyone else seemed to be getting theirs from. I ordered it about a week before Christmas and it only just arrived a week ago! So it took almost two months to arrive, now I knew the product would take a while to arrive as it was coming from Asia and also MollyCosmetics is an independent brand but I feel like two months is a really long time to wait for anything.


Nevertheless, I was still super excited when it finally landed on my doorstep last week. I had to use it straight away. The “sponge” (it’s definitely not a sponge) itself has a really pleasant smell, slightly floral without being ott. I also love how it feels, for lack of a better word it’s firm yet squidgy (I know, really putting my vocabulary to great use there).

As this tool is for liquid products I used it to apply my foundation. Initially it felt really unnatural and a bit silly, I’m used to using my real techniques sponge to apply foundation which definitely has a bit of bounce whereas this literally just smears itself against your face. I had to change technique a little bit as you can’t just bounce this on your face like you would a regular sponge. I found that I had to pat the foundation into my skin quite firmly to get any kind of coverage.
At first glance I was in love with the results, my foundation looked flawless and there were no streaks whatsoever – winner! Unfortunately, the next time I used it and looked properly in good lighting I noticed that it left streak marks at the bottom of my face where it just couldn’t buff the product into my skin like a brush or sponge would. I used it a couple more times after this but I found no matter what I did I couldn’t get it to blend properly. It’s for this reason I’ve decided that from now on I’ll just use it to apply primer as I really don’t like the results with foundation.


The Silisponge definitely has a couple of bonuses though, firstly it doesn’t soak up your product which can only make it more hygienic and less wasteful. It’s also ridiculously easy to clean, you simply run it under warm water and wash off any product.

In summary, would I recommend this? Not really. I think you can get a far better result with your usual sponge or brush for far less effort.

I purchased my Silisponge from MollyCosmetics for $9.90 (£7.98) although it’s currently sold out. Violet Voss has released their own version which you can pick up from Beauty Bay for £10.00.



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