10 Reasons Why I think Summer is crap.


Scroll through any newsfeed on any social media platform lately and you’re guaranteed to be inundated with posts all about Summer – how excited everyone is and how they just CAN’T WAIT. Well not me, I think it’s crap. I’m aware this isn’t an overwhelmingly popular opinion but it’s one I’ve always held – I just don’t love Summer. I know I can’t possibly be alone in this so I’m going to list the main 10 reasons why I feel this way in the hopes that one of you guys feels the same…

The heat. Yep I’m serious, I really do not love being hot. Don’t get me wrong, I like a warm day but when it’s so hot that you’re collecting more boob sweat than you’d prefer and your makeup melts off it’s just no fun. I hate not being able to get settled in bed, wriggling around for an hour and kicking my boyfriend because he’s breathing too close to me and his hairy legs are touching me, it’s shit. I much prefer it being a bit cooler where I can take advantage of those hairy legs to harvest a bit of body warmth from him.

It’s pointless going to any effort with makeup. I love doing a full face of glam but I feel it’s completely pointless in Summer. It usually just melts off after an hour or so and you’re left looking like patchwork, attractive. One of the best things about Autumn and Winter for me are the dark dramatic makeup looks that come with the season, but in Summer I just slap a bit of BB cream on, mascara and some pink lipstick and consider it done. I guess the bonus there is you can get ready a lot quicker but I just have strong feelings against Summer makeup!

3 –
Obnoxiously loud neighbours. Admittedly this isn’t a problem as much now that we’ve moved but at our old place we had someone directly opposite who loved to play music as loud as humanly possible from around 7pm to 3am most nights of the week if the sun was out, I don’t begrudge anyone a party but when you’ve got kids to get to sleep it’s literally hell on Earth. Luckily my new neighbourhood is a lot more family friendly and the most noise we hear is kids playing out until about 9pm – it’s bliss!

4 –
The pressure to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. I realise how terribly miserable this makes me sound but hear me out – growing up I was always told to go outside all day every day to make the most of the sun, even on days when I really just wanted to chill out at home. I still feel this same pressure as an adult, if it’s a nice day and you dare to spend it at home what the heck are you doing with your life?! Well sometimes I just want to stay indoors where it’s cooler and not have bugs swimming in my drink and insects landing all over me okay?


5 –
Gotta mention the insects now haven’t I. I absolutely hate all the creepy crawlies that come out when it’s warm. You leave the windows open on an evening to let a bit of a breeze in and all of a sudden your lounge and bedroom look like a scene from Jumanji. I’m shit scared of most small things with more than four legs and wings, especially moths. I’m shuddering at the thought of it now, yuck.

Hayfever. Yep that absolute ball ache of an allergy that is probably going to rear its ugly head any day now. You spend your whole day sneezing, drying watery eyes (that have completely ruined any mascara or eyeliner you’ve got on – see, makeup again) and dealing with an itchy throat. No amount of anti-histamines seem to make a toss of difference either so you just have to struggle through it. Nope it’s crap.

Everywhere is so busy! Popping into town to do a bit of shopping? Enjoy waiting half an hour to find a parking space. Taking the kids to the park? Good luck bagging enough empty swings for them to go on at the same time, and don’t get me started on traffic heading towards the coast – yeah I’m fully aware I’m part of the problem but I definitely like to complain about it.

I like comfort food – mashed potato, soups, roast dinners etc. During Summer we all seem to live off salad and grilled chicken, great for the figure but not for the soul. Not my carb loving soul anyway! Give me Autumn/Winter dinners any day.

Constant holiday envy. I’m the worlds worst person for getting holiday envy, I scroll through albums on social media like some kind of green eyed monster and get so jealous of all the status updates “LAID ON THE BEACH, HOW’S YOUR MONDAY LOOKING?” wet and miserable if you must know, Sue. Now piss off back to your pina colada.
We do go on holiday once a year and I know we’re extremely fortunate for that, but when I’m at home I’m constantly wishing I was away somewhere – don’t we all?!

10 –
Leg shaving. I currently tend to do this about once a week if I’m doing well, I’m not super vigilant about keeping my legs prickle free at all times and that’s mostly because I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 6 years so I no longer feel the need to do it for his benefit (dunno why I ever did tbh). During Summer though when I have my legs out a bit more I feel a slight pressure to make sure my legs are smooth – I know I shouldn’t give a shit what other people think of my body hair but if I’m being totally honest I do care. My God do I hate shaving though, so much.

And now I’m aware I sound ridiculously negative, but it’s the truth! I really do not care for Summer. Am I alone in this?! Please tell me I’m not!


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