Summer Lip Picks

I wasn’t entirely sure when Summer “officially” starts, but seeing as we’ve had more than two days of sun I’m going to just run with it and say this is our summer, right now. I have a love hate relationship with this time of year, I love the weather being better because it’s easier to get out and about and just generally get on with everything but I hate hayfever and I’m so self conscious in what I wear that I find myself suffering in leggings or tights most of the time (something I’m working on). One thing I do love is to brighten up my lipsticks, I usually stick to nudes or dark colours but during the Summer I love to pop on a really bright red or a classic pink. I’m going to show you five of the lipsticks and glosses I’ll be using the most over the next few months.

The first is my Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco, we all know how beautiful the formula of the these are but this shade in particular is probably my overall favourite. It’s a stunning bright orange toned red and it’s so flattering.

Next is the Barry M Matte lip paint in Cutie Pie. This is just a classic deep rose shade, the formula is ever so slightly dry so I find these are best to wear for just a few hours rather than the full day.

Next are two lip glosses that I recently picked up from the BH Cosmetics Ashley Tisdale range, I have the shades Bonfire and Aloha. Bonfire is a very bright pink and Aloha is more of a frosty purple pink. For glosses these are both very pigmented and they have a very pleasant formula. I don’t find these sticky at all like some lip glosses can be.

Last but not least is the Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in Kimchi Doll. This is a very pale creamy nude and I find it does look best over a darker lip liner, my only complaint about this is it highlights every single dry patch on your lips which is why I tend to wear it in Summer. It’s a beautiful shade though and I find the formula super comfortable.

Which lipsticks do you reach for the most during the warmer months?


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