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Love yourself tag.

With temperatures in the U.K topping 30 degrees over the weekend we’ve all been feeling a bit hot and bothered and have had to adjust our wardrobe accordingly. All over my social media I’ve seen countless women feeling embarrassed about having to get their legs/arms etc out, not wanting to go make up free and just generally feeling uncomfortable no matter what they do. It seems there’s so much pressure on women to look a certain way – hairless, bronzed and goddess like at all times. This is the first year since my daughter was born in 2010 that I’ve felt confident enough to have my legs out which is shocking.


I wanted to create a tag that spreads positivity amongst the community and encourages women to love themselves a little bit more, I feel like we’re conditioned to be self deprecating at all times. Admitting we love the way we look (or even just certain features) is frowned upon and seen as being “vain” or “shallow”. That’s a complete load of shit. I think it’s so important to be a little kinder to ourselves. With this tag I’m asking some bloggers to name 3 (or as many as you like!) things about yourself that you love. I’d then like each of you to tag a few bloggers to complete the tag and so on. With this, I’m hoping to see a news feed full of incredible women loving themselves as they should.

So let’s begin!

1 – My bum.
I really like my bum, I like the shape and size of it and it’s one feature I’ve never felt self conscious about.

2- Being tall.
I’m about 5’9″ so fairly tall for a woman, growing up I absolutely hated it and constantly wished that I was shorter like most of my mates. I used to hate that I couldn’t wear crazy heels on nights out! As I’ve gotten older however I’ve learned to love it. My fiance is tall too so that definitely helps, but I love my long legs now.

3 – My lips.
I’ve often toyed with the idea of getting lip fillers as everywhere I looked I saw women with really full pouts and I wanted the same for myself. Over the last couple of months I’ve really changed my outlook, I feel like my lips are actually a decent shape and size for my personal preference and I wouldn’t want to change that.

So there are my three things. I will admit I felt so uncomfortable writing these as it feels so big headed but I think it’s such a shame that so many of us don’t feel like we can feel anything but negative about our looks. I also realise that before looks, we all have so much more to offer. This tag is purely in response to all the posts I’ve seen on social media where incredible women are left feeling less than they should due to their insecurities and I’m merely trying to encourage us to love ourselves a little more.

The 5 bloggers I’m tagging are:






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