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Birthday Gift Guide for Men.

Summer is an expensive time of year for me. I have my father in law’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday and then my dad’s birthday all within the space of around 6 weeks. While this can leave my bank account a little sad looking, it also means that I start to run out of ideas for gifts. It inspired me to put together a post of gift ideas for any one else who often needs a little inspiration when it comes to the art of gift giving. These gifts will suit a whole range of budgets – some are a little more indulgent while others are more purse friendly.



First is the L’Occitane Shaving Oil  –  the perfect product if you’re looking to give someone a treat. This is a luxurious shaving oil designed to soften hair making for an easier, effortless shave. It also helps to reduce irritation which is something I know most men suffer with when it comes to shaving. If there’s a man in your life who loves to pamper himself, or you simply want to spoil someone a little bit then this is definitely the product you need.


You absolutely cannot go wrong with a classic grey hoodie. Everyone loves them, everyone needs them and every girlfriend steals them. Why not replenish his stock a little and buy him a new one? Let’s face it, you’re just going to claim it as your own after a month or so anyway! This one from H&M is also just £17.99 so when you do ultimately have it in your possession, it won’t cost the earth for him to get a new one.


If you have a larger budget, a set of Beats headphones would make a brilliant gift for any one. Perfect for someone who loves to travel, goes to the gym, has a long commute or just generally loves to listen to music on the go.


Gadgets always make great gifts. We’re all big kids at heart and love having new electronics to play with! This candy floss maker would be a brilliant, unusual and fun gift for any sweet lover. Plus who wouldn’t want unlimited candy floss?!

Books are always a safe bet, and with so many to choose from at such low prices they’re great for smaller budgets. The only problem is resisting buying yourself a few while you’re at it!

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration if you find choosing gifts a bit of a struggle.





*This post contains sponsored content.


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