Barry M In the Glow Tahitian Body Oil

Over the last few months I’ve braved getting my legs out in the warm weather, I haven’t done this for years so it’s a huge deal for me. One condition of this though, is that I have to have smooth bronze legs (I know I don’t have to, but I feel a lot more comfortable this way). My usual routine is just to shave and pop on a layer or two of self tan, however this can sometimes look a little flat on me as I’m so pale naturally.
I was doing a bit of shopping in Superdrug a while ago and saw that Barry M have released a bronze body oil as part of their Summer collection. I was immediately attracted to the product as it came in a gorgeous glass bottle and just looked beautiful, they only had one bottle left in store and I had to have it – at just £7.99 it’s a no brainer.


I’ll start off by saying I absolutely love this product. It’s like a highlighter for your body, it smells amazing and it makes your skin feel so soft and hydrated thanks to the coconut oil. I’ve used this both with and without self tan on my skin and I definitely think it works better with a little bit of tan, it just makes it really pop and gives a gorgeous natural glow. When I don’t have a tan, however, it doesn’t really show up – it just gives my skin a very slight sheen.

I’m always a little squeamish with oil products as I hate the feeling of it on my hands, this does feel slightly greasy at first but it really doesn’t take long to soak in. I usually pop this on my legs, arms and chest after my shower and within 5 minutes it’s completely dry and I can get dressed as normal.

L – Before, R – After. As you can see it’s not exactly a tanning product but it’s definitely given my skin a bronze glow.

This has fast become a staple part of my summer makeup/getting ready routine. It takes no time at all to apply and the results are gorgeous. This product is also vegan which I know is important to a lot of people!

Have you tried this? Let me know what you thought!


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