Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter Palette

I’ve always been a huge fan of Urban Decay products. They were the first high end brand that I used back in the day and I’ve been in love ever since. It was my birthday a few weeks ago so naturally, I went out to treat myself. I picked up the Afterglow palette because apparently I’m obsessed with highlighters now and need to own about 20.


The palette contains four shades – Bliss (champagne-gold pearl), Peroxide (Iridescent pink), NSFW (Peachy pink) and Sidepiece (Golden peach). Each pan contains 4.55g product which I personally feel for a highlighter is a generous amount. The palette costs £27.00 which works out at £6.75 per individual highlighter, again I feel this is a very reasonable price point for a high end product especially when the quality is so outstanding.


Urban Decay describe this product as an 8 hour highlighter that won’t quit, they also say that the product can be used as sheer or intense as you want – enabling you to create a custom glow. I have to say for the 8 hour claim they’re spot on, whenever I wear this it looks just as intense at the end of the day as it did when I applied it. I do feel like this product is definitely more on the medium/intense side although this is most likely due to the brush I use. If you were to use a fan brush I can definitely see how this would offer more of a strobing effect – but I like my glow to be visible at 100 yards, okay? Okay.

Below are some finger swatches of each shade, as you can see they’re all very smooth and creamy. There is absolutely no powdery feel to these, they’re so finely milled that they honestly feel like a cream product which is great for people like myself who tend to get dry skin.

(L-R Bliss, Peroxide, NSFW, Sidepiece)

Overall, I think that for £27.00 you get four amazing highlighters that will have you looking radiant and glowy all day long. This palette is a must have for any glow fiends out there!



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