Travel Bucket List

I’m not usually a huge fan of bucket lists, I find setting so many goals stressful and when I don’t achieve them all it makes me feel rubbish. That said, I do have a list of places I want to visit over the next few years.

First on the list is New York. It’s always been my dream to visit New York, I have friends who have been numerous times and have nothing but amazing things to say about it. I just want to do all the annoying tourist things like visit Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Centre, the Empire state building etc etc. I just want to do it all, and I’m 100% certain that when I do go – I’ll be an emotional mess! I mean just look at that…all the heart eye emoji’s.


Next is L.A. I’ve been in love with this place from seeing it in so many movies and TV shows growing up, I’ve also watched so many vlogs of people travelling around L.A and it just looks like such an unusual place, certainly worlds apart from where I live! Plus there’s a Disney there so what’s not to love?!

Plus I totally recognise this pier from GTAV…anyone else?

Stepping away from The States now, Rio De Janeiro is somewhere I’ve wanted to visit since I was about 14. We had a project at school where we got given “jobs” with a salary etc and had to work out where we could afford to live, what car we could get etc. I picked a holiday to Rio as part of the project and after reading up on it, I just decided that I have to go for real one day. South America as a whole seems like such a beautiful place with an amazing culture but Rio is one place that I just need to visit!


Last on my list is Tokyo, again I’ve only seen this really through YouTube but it just looks like such an incredible place and again the culture seems so different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. The skyline looks stunning and I just get the impression that there’s so many unique things to do and see there, I really hope to visit one day!


To be honest, there’s probably about 40 more places I’d love to visit but I’d literally be here all day talking about them if I got started. These four places are the top of my list though, and I hope to get to them all within the next few years! Have you visited any of these places? I’d love to read any blog posts about them if you have!


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