10 Reasons why I can’t wait for Autumn.

I think it’s safe to say that Summer is now drawing to a close, it’s a bit crap as I don’t really think we had much of a Summer this year. We had that one boiling hot fortnight back in June and that’s about it! I’ve accepted that Autumn is now well and truly on the way and I couldn’t be happier about it to be perfectly honest. Here are 10 reasons why I cannot wait for the cold weather to roll in.


1 – As great as Summer can be, I can’t lie and say that I love having hay fever for months on end. It really puts a downer on the whole season for me as I seem to spend my time wiping my eyes, blowing my nose and just generally feeling lousy. I’ll be glad of the cold weather as at least my eyeliner won’t have to suffer!

2 – Speaking of eyeliner, I just love Autumn/Winter makeup and clothing. I love wearing dark lipsticks, embracing my paleness and wrapping myself up warm in cosy scarves, big coats and cute high heel boots.

3 – I’m an 80 year old in a 27 year old body. I really don’t care too much for nights out and I feel that when the weather is rubbish outside there’s nothing nicer than getting cosy under a blanket and binge watching TV. I know you can do this in Summer but I feel like when the sun is out everyone is all GO OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE WEATHER, DON’T YOU DARE BE INDOORS. Which you know, that’s all well and good but sometimes I really just cba, so roll on the rain and wind I say.

4 – The food. Summer for me is all about light meals that mostly revolve around salad, while this definitely has its benefits, I much prefer hearty dinners. I love a good roast, pie and veg, pumpkin soup etc. You simply cannot beat it in my opinion.

5 – Starbucks. Yeah Frappe’s are great and all, but you try and tell me that Pumpkin Spice Latte’s aren’t the God of all hot drinks and I’ll call you a liar. I could probably have my daily calorie intake through Pumpkin Spice Latte’s alone, they’re just soo good. #PSL for life.

6 – I feel like all the fun stuff happens during Autumn and Winter. Summer is alright as I have my birthday and my fiance’s birthday, but I just don’t get that excited about them anymore. Bonfire Night and Halloween however? I’m your gal. There’s no greater feeling than wrapping up in about 10 layers, standing in a wet field cradling a mug of hot chocolate and watching fireworks for an hour or two. Plus Halloween for me is super cute as I have two very young children who love to dress up, decorate the house and go trick or treating.

7 – I know it’s technically in Winter – but Autumn for me is all about prepping for Christmas. I love to plan out my Christmas Day menu, set a theme for the decorations and table and start planning sneaky trips to Toys’R’Us. I honestly spend a good two or three months at least planning the whole thing. I also have my daughters birthday in November so I have that to prepare as well, party planning and gift buying – it’s a costly time of year that’s for sure!

8 – I absolutely love how the world looks during Autumn. The leaves turning dark and then falling, cold (but hopefully dry) mornings, occasional bright blue skies. I just feel like everywhere looks so much more cosy that time of year.

9 – The TV! All the best programmes seem to start in Autumn for the run up to Christmas, plus all the best horror movies come out. It’s super exciting for a complete hermit like me anyway…

10 – Conker picking. Why do we do it? What do we use them for? No one really knows. But what I ย do know is there is nothing more satisfying than picking up a spiky green ball off the ground, stomping on it and picking out the shiny brown conker. I genuinely enjoy this more than my kids do, I’ve been doing it for the last 21 years at least and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!

If I’m perfectly honest, I could probably list about 100 things that excite me about Autumn, but that’d just be slightly ridiculous…what are you excited for?


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