10 things you see every time you log onto Facebook.

I’ve been a Facebook user for about 10 years now, I’d say I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the site. I love it for keeping up with friends who have moved away, getting tagged in memes and things like that – but it’s definitely not without it’s flaws. More and more so lately I’ve noticed a trend of things I’ll see every time I check my news feed…


1 – “PRIMARK ARE RELEASING A WHOLE RANGE FROM *insert movie title here* AND IT’S JUST #GOALS”. Sound familiar? I can’t be the only person who gets driven up the wall with this, I’m not really into Disney so sorry, I don’t give a shit that they have Chip mugs or purses (sorry Disney fans!) nor am I into Harry Potter, so again I have absolutely zero interest in a Hogwarts onesie, sorry not sorry.

2 – Okay there definitely seems to be a trend of obscure slow cooker recipes that pop up almost daily on my news feed. I used to be a bit of a slow cooker saddo so I absolutely know you can cook almost anything in there, but some things I just think why? Why would I slow cook pasta for 8 hours when I can quickly do it in ten minutes? And no, the sound of a slow cooked meringue doesn’t sound all too appealing to me – it just sounds like a soggy white mess.

3 – Almost every day there’ll be a story about how a desperate parent picked up a cream in Boots that cost just 50p! (maybe a slight exaggeration) and it cured absolutely every woe their child had. I know these are usually eczema related and as someone who used to suffer with eczema I know there isn’t a one size fits all solution. I’m all for getting the word out there about products that may work for others, but let’s not make it a national media frenzy hey?!

4 – You always get that one dickhead who loves to stir the pot by posting a status like “going to have a friends list clear out, good luck and see some of you on the other side!” oh piss off, Sharon. No one gives a crap, in fact – I’ll do you a favour and remove myself from your ever so popular friends list and clear up some room for another lucky, lucky soul! And you just KNOW they’ve posted it so people will comment “oh please don’t delete me – I can’t live without your funny posts!” Well I bloody well can, t’ra!

5 – We all have that one friend who cannot go anywhere without uploading a comprehensive album detailing every last minute. Off to Tesco for tampons and a bottle of wine? Best take 30 pictures so everyone knows what I’ve been up to! Going to the car wash on a Sunday morning? Shit, I almost forgot to take 40 pictures to mark the occasion! Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing pictures of what my friends have been up to, but some of the more mundane things in life really don’t need documenting in great detail now do they?!

6 – The Christmas countdown posts. Now before I start, let me make it perfectly clear that I bloody LOVE Christmas. It’s the best – BUT…do we really need weekly count downs beginning in February, Linda? “Only 46 Fridays until Christmas!” Okay great, but that’s fucking ages isn’t it? I love to get excited, but not when it’s going to drag on for literally months and months!

7 – Not a day shall pass, where we don’t see at least 5 Kardashian related articles. I’m a huge Kardashian fan but even I don’t need every other post on Facebook to be about them. I literally read an entire article the other day about how Kim went to get pizza but the restaurant was closed. I mean what the actual fuck?!

8 – “CREATE A PIZZA AND WE’LL TELL YOU YOUR DATE OF BIRTH” – come on now. Chances are the answer will be wrong, you’ll just be left craving pizza. I don’t know why I find these quizzes so addictive either, part of it is the joy in creating such delicious food/houses/outfits and the other part is sheer curiosity – will they get it right? No, they never do. Plus – I already know my date of birth so I’m not sure why I feel the need to take a quiz in an attempt to find out?

9 – The yo-yo meme taggers, now I can hold my hand up here and admit that this one fully applies to me, I have a few friends who I’ll tag in memes a million times a day and they do the same to me. I do have to wonder if other peoples time lines are just flooded with “Natasha tagged so and so in a post” because I do see them often from other people who do it? If that’s the case, I am sorry…

10 – Last but not least, another one that I’m totally guilty of – those incredibly entertaining two minute Tasty videos. You’ll see an abundance of these shared amongst friends or just popping up all over in general. But I FREAKING LOVE THEM. I’ve been known to get well and truly immersed in the rabbit hole that is Tasty videos.

P.S – I just wanted to say, this post is completely light hearted. I’m not bitching about anyone in particular, but these are common trends I’ve noticed every time I log on, and yep I most likely do a lot of them myself! Can you think of any more?!


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